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Welcome to Jumble Saler online help

This is the online version of the help file that is included with Jumble Saler with up to the minute help information which applies to the latest version of Jumble Saler.









Introduction pages


Jumble Saler overview

Jumble Saler picture system

Jumble Saler sequential items in titles system

Jumble Saler lot numbers
Jumble Saler our group and brand boxes for sorting and filtering
Getting started

Creating your first Ebay auction

Jumble saler fields and Ebay auction templates

Multiple Ebay accounts

Multiple Ebay accounts

Moving auctions from one Ebay account to another

Using different browsers for different Ebay accounts

Taking photos


Taking better photos of items for sale


Using your smart phone to take photos of Ebay items for sale


Other pages

Frequently asked questions

Ebay tips


GDPR privacy policy

Installing Jumble Saler

System requirements


Jumble Saler licensing

End-user licence agreement

Activating and deactivating software




GDPR privacy policy

To see how we use your personal data on RepeatServer.com and in Jumble Saler, then please see our GDPR privacy policy.