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Using different browsers for different Ebay accounts

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Making running multiple Ebay accounts easier


Jumble Saler doesn't process your Ebay orders because the Ebay online system is excellent and allows you to print your postage labels and gives you excellent rates with your postal service and courier companies. 


If you have multiple Ebay accounts, then one way of managing your accounts easier is to use a different web browser for each account, which saves you keep logging out of one account and then into another in the same browser.  For example, on Windows 10, you could use the Microsoft Edge browser for one Ebay account and install and use Google Chrome for another.  With 3 accounts, then also use Internet Explorer for the 3rd account.  


This means that when you use some of the quick link buttons in Jumble Saler, such as 'View online', 'Revise online', etc, then you can set each to load in the correct browser to save time.


How to set up different browsers for different Ebay accounts


On the main menu click on 'Ebay accounts' then 'Ebay account maintenance' and then edit each of your accounts.  On the edit screen there is an option to select a browser.