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I have renamed my Ebay account user ID, how do I change in Jumble Saler?

On the main menu, click on "Ebay account" and then double click the account that has the changed user ID.  Then use the 'Collect again' button to contact Ebay, collect the new user ID with the existing stored Ebay token.  The system will then update all the records to the new user ID.

Is there any way to make Jumble Sale faster?

Jumble Saler users the Ebay API programming system to communicate with Ebay and send and receive information.  This is a lot slower than doing it on their website and the Ebay API isn't very fast. 

When you first collect existing Ebay auctions, then Jumble Saler downloads all the pictures of the auctions to your computer and after the first run.  The faster your Internet connection is the faster the download will be.  After the collecting, it will just download any changes which is a lot faster.

Same with sending new auctions to Ebay.  We have to upload your pictures, which can be a little slow and the speed of your Internet upload will make a difference.  Jumble Saler optimizes your pictures to send them at the maximum size that Ebay supports first.