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Using your smart phone to take photos of Ebay items for sale

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Using your mobile phone and services like Dropbox to take your pictures and send immediately to your computer


If you don't have a digital camera you may want to use your smart phone to take your photos instead.  The quality of images are normally really good on newish phones. 


The issue then it to get your photos onto your computer.  There are a few ways to do this, such as Bluetooth them over, or take out the phone's memory card and put in an adapter and put directly into your computer.  However, we use a free DropBox app on our phone and also their Windows app on the computer we have Jumble Saler installed on.  This means that when we take a photo on the phone, it is sent straight to our computer via the Internet and normally appears within 20 seconds on the computer's DropBox folder.  We then just move these to our new pictures folder and we are ready to create our new auctions.  


There are several services that do a similar job, such as Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, which you may already have installed.