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Creating your first Ebay auction

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Creating your first auction

1.  First thing to do is to link your Ebay account to Jumble Saler using the 'Ebay accounts' menu option then 'Ebay account maintenance'.  Use the Add button on this screen to link your Ebay account or Ebay accounts to Jumble Saler.

2.  On the main screen, click on the 'New auction lots' tab and then click on the 'Add new' button.

3.  Fill in all the normal boxes the same as you would do on Ebay:

Condition description
Start price
Shipping price
Shipping service
Description (on the second tab)
Format: Auction or Fixed price

4.  You need to add your pictures.  We would advise having a quick read of Jumble Saler picture system, or you could simply use the 'Add files' button and browse your computer for the pictures for your auction.

5.  We need to choose an Ebay category.  Now use the 'Browse categories' button to find a category.  On the screen that appears, it has several tools to help you choose a category (see the help pages on that screen), and when finished click on 'Select'.

6.  When finished, click on the OK button to create the new auction lot.  If there are any boxes you have missed, then it will give messages.

7.  Back on the 'New auction lots' list (make sure you have the Listing status option set to 'Unpublished'), you should see your newly created item.

8.  Time to publish to Ebay.  Select the Ebay account you want to use using the Ebay account drop down in the top left of the screen.  Then use then highlight your new auction and use the 'Send to Ebay' button.  It will tell you if the send was successful or not. 

The auction willl have disappeared from the list as it's now flagged as being 'Published to Ebay', rather than 'Unpublished'.

If you now want to sell a similar item, you can find under 'Listing status' 'Published to Ebay' (if it was sold then you can look under Sold or the ALL option).  You can then use the 'Copy item' button which will create a copy of the original auction, minus the pictures. 

If you are creating auctions for items like magazines that have sequential numbers or dates, then please have a look at Jumble Saler sequential items in titles system which provides a quick way of creating a series of auctions that have similar titles.

We also recommend the use of Jumble Saler lot numbers, which is a way of giving each of your items for a sale a unique number (1, 2, 1034, etc) which makes finding sold items easier if you are selling hundreds of items, or plan to use Ebay for buying and selling to create a second source of income.