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Jumble Saler allows private sellers to quickly create Ebay listings on their computer's without Internet access, and then publish them to Ebay when they are ready. 



Getting started

Jumble Saler uses 3 core concepts to make creating auctions faster, and then storing and finding items for sale easier afterwards.  Have a quick look at these first:

Jumble Saler picture system

Jumble Saler sequential items in titles system

Jumble Saler lot numbers


This help topic is also useful if you want to display extra issue or sequential number boxes in Jumble Saler:

Showing extra boxes for issue and volume numbers for comics and magazines


Next step is to link Jumble Saler to your Ebay account by, on the main Jumble Saler main menu, clicking on the 'Ebay accounts' option and using 'Add' and following the wizard.   When linked you can go to the main 'Ebay auctions' tab and download any existing auctions (sold, un-sold and live) you already have in your Ebay account.


To create new auctions, then use the 'New auction lots' tab and use the 'Add new' or 'Copy item' buttons.  You can also copy one of your existing items from the 'Ebay auctions' tab and use the 'Copy to new' button.


System requirements


See our System Requirements page.