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About Jumble Saler fields and templates

These are place holders that can be used in your Ebay auction descriptions and Ebay auction templates.

For example, when you got to Ebay and create a description you will probably describe the item you are selling but also add general information about how you do business.  This general information could include information on when you post items or despatch time, your returns policy, how you give feedback, combining postage, etc. So,Appr you could have an auction like:

Title A collection of British comics
Description   Item description

Approximately 250 comics.  Most are in very nice condition, with only a handful of poor ones.


I go to the Post Office on Monday's, Wednesday's and Fridays.


Happy to accept returns, but buyer pays return postage.

You may put the despatch and returns stuff on all your listings and might have dozens.  However, the problem comes when you then want to change this.  For example, you might change your despatch days to:

I go to the Post Office on Monday's, Wednesday's and Saturday mornings.

If you try this online with Ebay, then you can't do a batch update of all your listings, so you would be stuck changing each one manaully.  This is where templates and fields come in.   So what you do is to create or use an existing template for the descriptions like:

Description   Item description






and then select this on your Ebay listings.   What Jumble Saler then does is to "mail merge" your item and Ebay account default settings.  The <DESCRIPTION> will be the description on the individual item which should just be able the item and nothing to do with shipping, returns, etc.  The <SHIPPING_INFO> and <RETURNS_INFO> are taken from your Ebay account settings, which can be changed by on the main menu, going to 'Ebay accounts' then 'Ebay account maintenance' and editing your information on the 'Template fields' tab.  You can also set a default template here for your Ebay listings on this Ebay account. 

Ebay account level fields


In most cases you can just put all the general stuff in <GENERAL_INFO> and leave it at that and put a <GENERAL_INFO> field in your templates. 


If you use extra boxes for comics and magazines 


his screen allows you to create a description for your Ebay auction using word processing type text, i.e. you can use bold, underline, change fonts and made some text bigger or smaller.

Ebay allows either plain text or formatted text, which is saved as HTML, which is the code that is used to build Internet website pages.  So when you save your text, then it is returned to the previous screen as HTML code and you will see a preview of what it actually looks like.

Preview areas

As you type your description the preview area and HTML code preview areas automatically update.  If you have a slow computer, then turn this off by un-ticking the 'Update previews automatically when typing check box.


Inserting fields into your descriptions and templates