05 January 2020 - Jumble Saler V1.1.25 - Maintenance release

General changes to update JumbleSaler to current Ebay API standards.



03 December 2019 - Jumble Saler V1.1.23 - Lowered minimum screen size 

Lowered our minimum screen size from 1024x768 to 1024x720 to support 1280x720 devices and adjusted all our screens accordingly.


Bug fix - Fixes an error when checking for updates.



30 October 2019 - Jumble Saler V1.1.22 - Upgraded the Batch changes screen to make it easier to use

Our Batch changes screen has been updated to make it easier to change new and existing Ebay auctions quicker:


Changed bulk changes screen




30 September 2019 - Jumble Saler V1.1.16 - Add/edit items screen upgraded to make it easier to use

Our add/edit screen now used a scrolling rather than tabbed interface to make it easier to see compulsory and non-compulsory options:


Add/edit item screen


The non-compulsory settings are now in lavender coloured panels which you can see if you scroll down.



11 January 2019 - Jumble Saler V1.1.11 - General update of Jumble Saler

General minor changes through out the Jumble Saler system.



01 May 2018 - GDPR update

We have updated our service in line wiht new GDPR regulations.