Jumble Saler is free to use for Ebay accounts with under 100 active Ebay listings

Quick introduction

Jumble Saler allows private sellers to quickly create Ebay listings on their Windows computer without Internet access, and then publish them to Ebay when they are ready. 



About Jumble Saler BETA


Jumble Saler has been in daily use by one our UK businesses for around 2 years and has been used to list and record literally thousands of Ebay listings successfully across multiple Ebay accounts.  Jumble Saler is still in BETA as it has not been fully tested on all Ebay international sites.   If you find any problems then please contact our support team, who resolve issues very quickly.   Support is free of charge. 


We all know that very few things are free.  Our long term aim is to produce a premium paid for version of Jumble Saler for high volume listers along side a completely FREE version.  Quid pro quo: Your feedback and help resolving any issues found will help us achieve that.  It will then be an ideal replacement for the now discontinued Ebay Turbo Lister software.



Key features


Pictures Jumblesaler is ideal for selling one off second hand collectable  items such as books, magazines, comics, toys, collectables, and general jumble.  It aims to do the same job of the Ebay Turbo Lister software, which is now discontinued.
Pictures No waiting between items using the Ebay website to add your listings.  Create your Ebay offline in your own time and then publish afterwards.  Saves loads of time waiting for pictures to upload.
Pictures Take a bunch of photos with your digital camera and then start creating your auctions later altogether.  The Jumble Saler picture system is optimised to allow fast data input.

Pictures are optimised to Ebay's maximum picture size to make images smaller and quicker to upload.
Pictures For items with numbers or dates, such as comics and magazines, Jumble Saler is optimised for quick data entry.  Sort your magazines into brands/group and dates or issue numbers.  Photograph each one, and create your first new auction selecting Ebay category, delivery charge, condition description, etc.  Then just copy for the next one.  Our system will then take the next picture (or pictures) automatically and you can use the increment buttons for quick changes.  See Jumble Saler sequential items in titles system and Showing extra boxes for issue and volume numbers for comics and magazines.
Pictures Keep a permanent full history of previous Ebay auctions, so if you come to sell the item again, you can find the orginal copy and paste and modify condition as appropriate.

Pictures Allows unique lot numbers to be used for efficient storage and very fast processing of your Ebay orders.  Ideal when selling books, comics and magazines.
Pictures Supports multiple Ebay accounts with ease.  Allows moving auctions from one Ebay account to another.
Pictures Group your items into groups and brands with Jumble Saler our group and brand boxes for sorting and filtering.  You can also have issues and volume numbers for comics and magazines.
Pictures Download existing auctions and import into our system.


Getting started

Download and install Jumble Saler. 


Jumble Saler uses 3 core concepts to make creating auctions faster, and then storing and finding items for sale easier afterwards.  Have a quick look at there first:

Jumble Saler picture system

Jumble Saler sequential items in titles system

Jumble Saler lot numbers


This help topic is also useful if you want to display extra issue or sequential number boxes in Jumble Saler:

Showing extra boxes for issue and volume numbers for comics and magazines


Next step is to link Jumble Saler to your Ebay account by, on the main Jumble Saler main menu, clicking on the 'Ebay accounts' option and using 'Add' and following the wizard.   When linked you can go to the main 'Ebay auctions' tab and download any existing auctions (sold, un-sold and live) you already have in your Ebay account.


To create new auctions, then use the 'New auction lots' tab and use the 'Add new' or 'Copy item' buttons.  You can also copy one of your existing items from the 'Ebay auctions' tab and use the 'Copy to new' button.



System requirements


See our System Requirements page.


Latest News
21 May 2021
New version

Jumble Saler V1.1.54
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10 May 2021
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10 April 2021
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Jumble Saler V1.1.50
Major new release

20 February 2021
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20 January 2021
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Jumble Saler V1.1.47
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02 December 2020
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19 November 2020
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Jumble Saler V1.1.45
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11 October 2020
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Jumble Saler V1.1.42
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26 September 2020
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Jumble Saler V1.1.41
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06 June 2020
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Jumble Saler V1.1.36
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05 January 2020
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Jumble Saler V1.1.25
Maintenance release

03 November 2019
New version

Jumble Saler V1.1.23
Minimum screen size changed

22 November 2019
New version

Jumble Saler V1.1.22
Batch screen updated